Lightweight, modular & durable
Introducing the LEVIATHAN. A backmount single tank system built with modern light weight materials, designed towork in any environment, and to be the most durable harness and wing on the market. Perfect for beginners buying their first set of equipment, as well as seasoned divers looking for a light weight travel harness.

To learn more about this, and to easily justify your purchases here to your friends and family, check out the details below.
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Our harness design allows for complete customisation, and can be modified to suit your specific needs and body shape. All attachments can easily be removed or added as you see fit.
The core of the harness consists of ceramic coated aluminium backplate and cam bands, with light weight fittings made of nylon and carbon composites. Making this the perfect purchase for seasoned divers and beginners alike.
Our low profile quick release belt buckle is incredibly easy to use and can even be undone with one hand, and like all our carbon composite pieces it does not wear down the webbing.
Our 45º split shoulder D-rings, waist D-rings and crotch strap rings are laced with extra layers of kevlar, allowing them to take up to 200kg of weight in cylinders and equipment.
weight system
The standard Leviathan harness is sold without a weight system, but on our shop you can find a version that includes weight plates. We are also working on our own weight pouches which will be available soon.
The wing
Our wing is made of Polyurethane coated ripstock nylon, an incredibly durable and abration resistant material, making it perfect for extreme environments. Additionally, all the wing fittings are mechanical,
allowing for easy repair.
Our wing is designed to wrap around the cylinder when inflating to give the diver better freedom of movement, it is also designed to hold more air in the bottom than the top, allowing for more balance while floating vertically.
We believe in complete redundancy no matter the situation, meaning all our wings include a secondary bladder with a cutting edge oral inflation system.